Reconstructive Surgery for Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite can be caused either by a malposition of the teeth or an uneven jaw. A misalignment of the jaw requires a surgical correction in cooperation with the attending orthodontist, since in many cases, not only the jaw, but also the teeth are in need of correction. Besides the obvious functional aspects such as occlusion and breath, when performing this surgery, we also take aesthetic aspects into account, like the fullness of the upper lip. Realignment of the jaw, besides correcting a misaligned bite, can also provide relief for disorders like sleep apnea or correct a toothless jaw that could otherwise not be corrected prosthetically (Angle Class III).

Should orthodontic therapy require a bone graft anchoring of the jaw, we perform a transplantation using connective tissue from the palate or similar suitable implants. The dental implants are utilized first orthodontically and then prosthetically, and their insertion planned and implemented thus according to the target determined by your orthodontist.


Teeth which are naturally unable to adjust their position to fit the rest of the dental arch can be surgically ‘nudged.’ The teeth are first prepared and then attached to a brace or a so-called button, which is then arranged along a wire by the attending orthodontist.