Oral Surgery

Proper oral surgery requires experience, precision, and professional know-how. Your experienced surgeons, anesthetists and certified assistants at m3 are on hand for you, your health and your new attitude towards life. With the help of 3-D X-ray technology, minimally invasive microsurgical techniques, laser treatments, and our constant work in continuing professional development, we are able to offer you a safe, well-planned, and swift course of treatment.

3D image and 3D printing

We have a high-resolution 3D X-ray device (DVT), which can resolve radiopaque structures of 90 µm. To minimize the x-rays, we can only map the region that is of diagnostic interest. Volumes from 5x5cm up to 13x15cm are possible (diameter x height).

We would be happy to provide this so-called digital volume tomogram (DVT) on DVD. On request, we can print your jawbone as a 3D model from the 3D data. Such a model makes planning and implementation easier, especially for complex surgical interventions.


We use 3-D templates to position the implant exactly where the tooth should be. With the help of elaborate planning on the computer and a 3-D image (digital volume tomography – DVT) we first place the implant in the computer model. Once the optimal position of the implant has been found, we have the unique possibility of producing so-called guide templates with us. This is done with the help of our 3-D printer.

With this complex 3-D implantation we protect important structures such as nerves, blood vessels or neighboring tooth roots. The implants are then exactly where your dentist uses the crown build-up to achieve an optimal esthetic result.