Preparation for implantation

The jawbone must be sufficiently wide and high for dental implantation. A minimum diameter is particularly necessary for the replacement of molars. If the bone is insufficient, techniques are used to augment the bone. A complex bone graft does not always have to be carried out. Usually only the width of the bones is missing. The alveolar ridge is split in the middle using an ultrasound saw and carefully stretched so that the implant can be placed immediately without waiting. The practice clinic M3 works with the ultrasound saw (also called piezo saw) as standard to protect nerves and soft tissue. This technique is perceived as particularly gentle by the patient.


If not only bones are missing in width, but also in height, further techniques are used. These so-called augmentation techniques transplant bones to where the implant is to be placed. Your own bone, which is obtained from another part of the body, or sterile biomaterial is used, which your body converts to your own bone.