What happens
after the implantation?

The bone actively connects to the surface of the implants after implantation and takes 3-6 months – depending on the bone quality and type of implant. During this time, the implant usually remains protected under the mucous membrane and you can wear temporary dentures so that the missing teeth are not visible. After healing, the implants are exposed with a small anesthetic and a small incision and treated with the help of a healing cap. It is important to design the gums so that dental aesthetics and implant health are ensured. Three weeks after the exposure, your family dentist starts taking the impression and producing the teeth.

If the bone conditions are good, implants can also be provided with temporary crowns immediately, so that you can do without temporary, removable dentures. This requires 3-D planning and additional measures to stabilize the implants. The risk of implant loss is also slightly higher than with the method of allowing the implants to heal before loading.