Which implant is right for me?

Implants have been used to support dentures for over 40 years. The materials titanium and ceramic were available right from the start. Today’s implants are helical and have a rough surface so that the bone grows better. Particular attention is paid to the attachment of the gums.


Just like natural teeth, implants should last a lifetime. With good surgical work and careful oral hygiene, this is also possible.


Today, however, we also know of intolerance to titanium particles, which lead to inflammation and loss of the implant. A blood sample can show whether you belong to this patient group. For this, 10 ml of blood are picked up by courier and brought to a special laboratory


An alternative to the titanium implant is the ceramic implant, which is made of zirconium dioxide and does not release any metals. Prof. Koch(F.P. Koch et al. 2010, F.P. Koch et al. 2013;  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=koch+zirkonia+mainz) die gute Anlagerung von Knochen und Zahnfleisch an Keramikimplantate zeigen.